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Shin Kim

Licensed Acupuncture and Herbalist

“I’m grateful to be helping you on your journey to better health, reduced pain, and a stronger body.”

The Natural Pain Relief Clinic


I would like you to establish a new relationship to pain.  Pain is not a condition that should be ignored, masked, or blindly covered up with medications that harm the body with side effects.  Pain is an alarm call coming from our bodies that an imbalance exists that is caused by external injury, infections, internal deficiencies, inflammation, or a combination of these factors.  Our focus in our clinic is to help resolve the underlying factors that lead to the pain that you are experiencing. We do this mostly with a combination of centuries-old techniques using meridian focused acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs, the most comprehensive, effective, and safest medicinals this world has ever seen.  

Our clinic uses different combinations of acupuncture, herbal medicines, cupping, moxibustion, massage therapy, and dietary and lifestyle guidance, depending on the needs of each patient. When paired together, we strategically apply multiple healing techniques for each patient, ensuring high levels of effectiveness. These natural healing methods provide excellent relief in treating pain and any health-related problems.

We will not mask the pain of people who come to our clinic, instead we fill deficiencies, making the body stronger, gently fight infections, and reduce inflammations that cause stagnant pain in the body.  Using techniques that have been sharpened over the centuries, we solve modern health ailments that afflict us all. We treat our patients with a holistic approach, applying a natural healing system for the whole body and mind, aiding the person’s natural ability to heal.  Our time honored and medically substantiated techniques will help you achieve these health goals. Whether your problem is a pain of a sudden nature or an old standing chronic discomfort we will safely and effectively help relieve these for you.

Along with being clinically very effective, all of these treatment methods are very safe, having very few side effects. Generally the worse a patient can expect is a slight pinch from acupuncture, a slight singe from moxibustion, or a slight stomach discomfort from an herbal remedy.

Conditions we can help with


Chronic Lyme’s disease


Trigeminal neuralgia


Menopausal hot flashes

Frequent urination



Autoimmune diseases

Auto accidents and whiplash

Peripheral neuropathy

Thyroid issues


Anemia related disorders

Joint injuries

Prostate problems or elevated PSA levels


Workers compensation injuries


Menstrual pain


Anxiety and stress

Spinal and back pain

Vegetarian/Vegan herbal support


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Headaches of all kinds

Abnormal menstrual bleeding




Digestive problems