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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

We have an outstanding treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. With acupuncture we can loosen up the carpal tunnel and stop it from squeezing the median nerve that causes this disorder. We also employ some herbal medicine designed to loosen up the muscles and the tendons in the area that cause the restriction. Caught early enough you can avoid risky surgery with these simple procedures.

Lyme’s Disease Treatment

One of our specialties that we are excited to offer to our community is a natural chronic Lyme disease treatment. As the disease ridden ticks that spread Lyme are now being increasingly found in California people need treatments that work for this disease. We can make your body stronger while gently expelling the pathogenic bacteria so that you can regain your life as it should be lived, free of pain and with more vigor, energy, and mental clarity.

We use a combination of herbs that have been found to eliminate the spirochete bacteria that lodges itself deep within the body, while using herbs that strengthen the body so that it is able to fight this infection. This strengthening of the body is almost as important as the riddance of the bacteria because when the body is stronger it is able to fight this infection more effectively.

Menstrual Issues

While menstrual pain maybe common, it is not a painful condition that has to be suffered every month. We can help with the flow of blood and relieve pain and pms symptoms with simple herbs and acupuncture. We can also help with flow that maybe irregular or excessive.

Thyroid Disease

We have simple herbal formulas that treat hyper and hypothyroidism. It is generally easier and safer method than thyroid removal and synthetic thyroid medicines for the rest of one’s life. Enjoy natural relief from this condition with a safe method of healing.


Did you know that many cases of anxiety are due to certain anemic conditions? We can help many of those cases by strengthening a patient’s blood, increasing vital red blood cells and platelets naturally with herbal medicines. So understand that anxiety many times is not just in your head, it is in your blood and body.