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Acupuncture is a system of healing and pain relief through the insertion of small needles in strategically located points on the body. Needling these pressure points relieves inflammation and constraint, while improving the flow of blood and energy in nearby tissues and throughout the whole body. This can help your body function better (improved sleep, digestion, clarity of thought, higher energy, and much more), and helps to eliminate pain, either acute or chronic.

Acupuncture needles are many times smaller than conventional needles that are used in vaccinations and blood drawing. Most acupuncture needles are not felt when being inserted, and are many times less painful than standard needles. Acupuncture is praised within the medical community for having virtually no side effects and offering a safe and gentle therapeutic method in healing the body.

Herbal Medicine

We use a variety of herbs, paired together in carefully customized herbal formulas. Medicinal herbal formulas are an excellent healing agent, able to naturally help and heal a variety of ailments and symptoms, or just strengthen and improve overall health. For the best and longest lasting health results we like to treat the underlying reasons for pain or a disorder. This usually involves strengthening the body’s blood, digestion, energy flow, and internal organs with these herbs. We also have herbal medicinals to relieve inflammation that cause pain within the body.

Herbal medicine is a safe and effective healing treatment, literally the best herbal medicinal system the world has ever seen. Chinese herbal medicinal formulas employ many natural healing compounds. These compounds work together synergistically in groups of herbs to help repair the body and its structures. Chinese medicine will strengthen the body’s organs while providing relief from pain! Many of the herbs are a food grade standard so they are safer and have much fewer complications than conventional pharmaceutical medicines. These herbal formulas come in a condensed powdered extract that is easy to take by mixing with hot water. We use only GMP certified herbs and higher in our clinic.


Cupping is an ancient technique of relieving pain and enhancing blood flow by lightly suctioning the outer muscle tissues with glass cups. This virtually painless treatment helps conditions like back pain, greatly loosening the outer tissues that constrain and cause pain and stiffness. Furthermore, this allows toxins trapped in the fascial layer to be drawn to the surface, to be gently expelled by the body. This treatment modality is effective and safe, able it be applied to most people.


Moxibustion or moxa for short is the warm infusion of direct heat into the body. Moxa is used for people and conditions who are marked by deficiencies and chronic illness. This is done with burning dried mugwort herb directly onto the skin on strategically located pressure points. The closer the herb burns to the skin, generally the more effective it is in strengthening the body and its tissues. The burning of the herb usually does not result in charring or burning of the skin. We use moxibustion to help heal and strengthen any patient who may benefit by this treatment.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve bodily pain and increase circulation throughout the body. We employ medical massage techniques that accelerate healing in sore tissues and bring a great level of relief and well being. Usually this is done at the end of treatments, but inquire about a longer massage treatment.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations

Our dietary and lifestyle recommendations are centuries old and time proven methods to ensure good health in our patients. Our goal at The Natural Pain Relief Clinic is to empowered our patients in their healing process. Ways in which patients can take active participation in their own health is with their food intake and lifestyle choices. We almost always advise a moderate approach to diet, except in extreme circumstances. Ask about an appropriate diet and lifestyle plan during your treatment for the best health going forward.